Kauffman Sports & Recreation Takes Trades & Consignments!

About Us

Founder, Max Kauffman

Max Kauffman, founder of Kauffman Sports & Recreation is pictured here on his drag bike in 1966. 

Kauffman Sports & Recreation

In 1964, what started as a hobby to Mr. Kauffman quickly grew into a full-time business launching what we know today as Kauffman Sports & Recreation. Holding a franchise like Yamaha for 49 years, this family owned business settled into their permanent home on Rt. 22 in 1995. Over 50 years in business, Mr. Kauffman passed on a legacy to his son, Jeff Kauffman who is the current owner. 

The Foundation

Jeff Kauffman believes the company was built on the foundation of honest, professional service. Today, Kauffman Sports & Recreation still believes in just that!